Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cut&Paste 2D Design Contest: Test Round

Today I participated in Cut&Paste's 2D Design Contest Test Round. We were given 15 minutes to design, and 2 nights ago they gave us a theme to design for: Bliss. You can read the rest of the rules here, but it is pretty nerve-wrecking...people looking over your shoulder, a guy continuously saying "ten minutes left guys"...."5 minutes left guys", etc. But it was a cool event. I think I did well, but we'll see if I made it to the actually tournament...The main tournament is gonna be a lot bigger than what you see below (this was in the back of a clothing store).

Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.
(This is a video that I saw a couple of weeks ago that explains more of what this contest entails)

On the way back home, I saw this kid in the 42nd street subway station....Crazy:


Anonymous said...

real talk! lol sike naw good luck with that ish my dogg.This is PIE sign'n out!

-Oh yeah, he cant handle the pill like me, but that was crazy.

Me. said...

i taught him all of that.