Thursday, April 28, 2011


I thought about writing this post back when the NCAA tournament was happening, but a mix between too much work and too much laziness prevented that. The NBA playoffs is going right now however, and it re-sparked this thought: What team are you a fan of?

If I had to answer this question, I'd hands-down say, University of Miami Hurricanes; and I wouldn't think twice about it...I might even throw up the U while saying it. However, if someone asked me what I believed in, I'd definitely say Jesus Christ, but there would be a caveat; like, "Oh but I'm not one of those super religious types." Why? Because I don't want to offend anyone. But Jelani, what if the person asking you what team you're a fan of, was a Florida State Seminole fan (Miami's rival)?...

Over the years I've noticed, whenever TheU plays, people text me, "Curt, yo boys on," "J, what you think them Hurricanes gonna do today," "I know you locked into this game. I hope they pull it out." They knew where I'd be on Saturday afternoons. And I started to see that because of my die-hard "fanship" and unwavering stance, people almost became fans of Miami too.

I think if we voice and show what we believe, in a firm way, people will not only respect what we stand for, but some will actually embrace what we stand for.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

NBA Playoffs commercials

I like this NBA Playoffs campaign.