Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dirk, Ocho Cinco, and Agent 0 (I hate that name)

Good news: Dirk is back. I thought he was out for the rest of the season, but nah, HE'S BACK. I was in the city late today because I needed to go to the library, but when I got home and turned on ESPN, Dirk was back...and the Mavs were killing the Warriors. The score was 111-86, and Jason Kidd beat them in another category, 16 to 10, in assists. The played they're butts off. And as much as I would hate to see it happen again, I think Dirk spraining his ankle was good for them. Dallas looks like a whole new team. We'll see what happens because the Western Conference Playoffs is going to be tough.

Ocho Cinco is loco. Chad Johnson had one of the longest interviews on Sports Center that I have ever heard. He was just going on and on about his issues in Cincinnati. I think when you're dealing with team matters it should be kept in house, but I definitely understand what he was talking about. It's crazy (loco) that a 5-time Pro-Bowler and consistent lead leader in receptions has to be penalized for his team staying in trouble, and not making the proper adjustments to getting better. If you're curious what the interview was about check it out on Regardless if Chad is on the Bengals or on another team, I'm still a fan...even though I think it would be better if he could win with Carson Palmer.

"Agent 0" might be one of the worse nicknames in sports, but the boy got game. Gilbert Arenas came back tonight from his season long knee injury, and even though he only had 17 points (he normally has about 30 or 40), it looks like he never left. Unfortunately for him, they lost to a buzzer beater shot by the Milwaukee Bucks. Oh well, they might still get in the playoffs, considering how terrible the Eastern Conference is right now.

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