Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily Monsters

Jay-Z has a quote in his film Fade to Black that stuck out to me: "If inspiration doesn't find you, you have to go find it."

At this time in my senior year, I need inspiration more than ever. I usually have a bag or bookmark of goodies that I can look at that can give me a boost; and today I found a new piece of candy to add to the bag. Stefan G. Bucher has a book that's coming out called the 100 days of Monsters. On his blog, I saw video clips of some of his "Daily Monsters"; below are days 179, 180, and 181, and I believe Stefan is doing 200 days of Monsters, so stay tuned to the other 19 that he'll create.

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Steve Miceli said...

"upside down you turn me..."