Sunday, April 12, 2009

To Twitter or to not to Twitter

I've been thinking about starting a twitter page, or creating a twitter account (I'm not sure what the correct lingo is yet). I've seen that a lot of celebrities are doing it now, and a lot of people are promoting themselves with it as well. Like Jadakiss. His new album "The Last Kiss" just came out last week, and he's been pushing it hard. He was being interviewed in a youtube video that I just saw, and he was asked what's the difference between this album, and the album he had 5 years ago. He's reply was, "Nothing. The biggest difference is that the internet is more prominent now, than it was 5 years ago." And as we know, that's because of twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs, etc. I haven't checked out his album yet, but I know that all the videos and promotional things I've seen for it, at least make me somewhat interested in seeing how it is.

I don't really have much to promote, but I'll let you know if I start a twitter thingamagig or not.

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Francisco blogs here said...

start one. do it. there's no harm in it. just think about the things you want to explore with it.

I'm gearing mine towards posting life lessons only. nothing about me eating sandwiches and other random stuff.

not going to be hyper linking to random pages. just life lessons.

and replying to conversations.

this is an interesting viewpoint on the whole internet situation: