Monday, April 6, 2009

Questions and Answers

This past weekend, my brothers and one of my boys were in town, and with me living here, they of course had questions on where this and that is, or how to get to such and such. I know the subway pretty well, so giving directions for that was easy, but when it came to other stuff, I didn't do as well.

As small or as simple as this situation is, it reminds me of something discussed in church a while ago. The pastor spoke about how if you're a Christian and people know that you are, you will always be faced with questions: either about Christianity in general, the bible, church, etc. And because of this reason, it is very important to already know some of the questions that are going to be asked, so that you have a ready answer. And what's true for Christians, the same is true for New Yorkers (this is the first and last time I'll actually call myself a New Yorker).

Next time I hope to be able to have the answer to, "Where can we go to get something cheap to eat?"....even though this question is almost unanswerable.

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Sartorially Savvy said...

LOL, you can be a transplanted New Yorker, but you know where your roots lie.