Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today my girlfriend asked if I want to go to a free writing class tomorrow. I said yes, but it wasn't until I saw the results from the workshop's writing contest that I got excited.

The contest was a 6-word Memoir writing contest. Basically, tell your life story in 6 words. Here are the seven finalists' memoirs:

The winner:
I'll never know mom's meatloaf recipe.
(by Kathleen Ett of Brooklyn, NY)

The runners-up:
Party of one, many tried crashing. (by Lorri McDole of Reunion, VA)

I was a statue; life's a pigeon.
(by Jim Chappell of Louiville, KY)

Saying "I do"...completely undid me.
(by Nadine Sciff of Los Angeles, CA)

Reclaimed maiden name after every divorce.
(by Victoria Martin of Lake City, MI)

Breast cancer: zero. My future: won.
(Amy Bowker of Burbank, CA)

Had kitties–not kiddies. God misunderstood.
(by Sue Brooks of Ewing, NJ)

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