Friday, June 13, 2008

Sony Xperia

If I wasn't a Mac user, this might not be a bad device. You can check out the features 

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Francisco said...

"not bad" isn't the best standard to live by, mister curtis.

"oh snap, it can shoot paper planes out of the phone?" lol.

seems like slick animations on the phone more than anything else.

not to torrential rain on your sand castle.

while watching the spot. I couldn't help but think about all these other ads that I've seen.

they're all set in this generic city that could be anywhere. and there's a certain color to the whole spot, where it feels like it could be a playstation ad. but it's sony, so that makes sense.

maybe what bothers me is the generic "style" of the commercial, where it could be any other product besides a sony.

and not to mention the animated paper planes. over animation. not necessarily within the spot. but within commercials in the general sense.

another phone commercial I saw a while ago that I really enjoyed: