Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inspiring media forms

Lately I've been getting very inspired by media forms that I've never had the opportunity to work with. I don't have a camcorder, so I've never directed or shot any video stuff, and I never spent enough time with the painting utencils and canvas,that my uncle bought me years ago, to actually learn how to paint. Every month I spend 7 dollars on Creativity magazine, and I'm always on to see what's new. Friday I found out about the AKQA backed, Future Lions competition. The competition is to basically help new young talent get recognized on a global scale; and the brief is simply (relatively) to choose a global brand, and create an advertisement an any media form that wouldn't have been possible 5 years ago. I wish I knew about this competition when I was in school, but hopefully (with my fingers and toes crossed, and a prayer sent upward) I can one day get an advertising award as a professional. However, it's a real cool competition and it's bound to inspire many, for this ever so changing world.

The art work that is above is the background of the Future Lions website. I'm not sure if it was painted or if it was somehow put together using the computer; but I love it. The large brush strokes and the quality of the cat-like figure on the right corner have a nice feel to it. If that piece was for sale, I would buy it, frame it, and hang it up in my apartment. This artwork has inspired me to want to learn how to paint. It could possibly become a hobby of mine, but I want to learn, moreso for if an idea comes to me, that fits best in a painting form, I could reach into that pocket of the utility belt and make it happen.

This month's Creativity magazine is dedicated to directors. I read the whole roundtable discussion, and it struck something in me to want to just grab a camera and shoot something. On my digital camera I have a video recorder, so I just recorded the rain, thunder and the lightning (today's weather) from my apartment window, but that didn't feed my need. I have a graduation party coming up in a couple of weeks and hopefully I can get enough money from it to buy a camcorder and quiet that hunger.

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