Monday, March 24, 2008

March Madness I tell you!

My teams in sports are killing me right now. My heart, the Dallas Mavericks, continue to lose, and they're barely in the playoffs right now. And then (give me a sec to regain myself), DIRK GOT HURT, and is out for the season. It's time for Josh Howard to step it up for real.

Secondly, Duke, the team I roll with every year, they continue to disappoint me. I didn't have them in my final four, but I had them at least getting past West Virginia. The Cameron Crazies, Coach K, and the whole Duke community needs to get together and figure this out. I know they were missing pieces this year, but they gotta do better than the second round. I mean look at legacy: Grant Hill to Christian Laettner buzzer beater, JJ Reddick lightin it up from damn near the half court line every game, the crazy battles with North Carolina, and the reoccurring ACC title games with Maryland.'re better than that man.

My bracket is so messed up. I have scratch-outs and "L"s all over it. 

One thing I can say that I'm excited about. My boy Chris Paul. "Killing" might be the best word to use. Actually "MVP" might be better. He has single-handedly carried that team. Don't get me wrong, I love Kobe, I had his champion (brand) jersey when he first came into the league and I've rolling with them too, especially since him getting all the heat for breaking up the "almost the best dynasty of all-time". But CP3 has been killing, Tyson Chandler has been receiving about 3 opps a game, and David West is back and doing his thing too. Hornets are my sleeper team. Put that in the books.

Anyhow March isn't completely over, we still have the rest of this week. So maybe things will turn around. 

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