Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Back in November, I was apart of a creativity workshop held by John Jay, Partner and Executive Creative Director of Wieden and Kennedy. John Jay is person who is very interested in culture; he told us that staying informed and immersed in culture allows him to not only find out what is happening, but more so, why it's happening. People tend to become trendy when they just follow what's happening. On the other hand, when you know what a culture is like, and why the people of a certain culture are the way they are, you can start a trend.

John Jay also expressed that finding out what your "IT" is, allows you to have a longer and successful career...because you've found out what your secret weapon is. Everyone has a secret weapon or a "IT". Some ITs can't be articulated. For example: Eli Manning. I don't why he's good; in my opinion, his arm isn't that great, he can't particularly run to well, and his passing judgement isn't great either. However, he has something about him that makes him a good quarterback...something special. A scout during at the NFL Combine described Eli as "magical".

The students that participated in this creativity workshop were assigned a project. It was to design a poster that communicates what makes us unique. [Above is the poster that I designed]

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