Saturday, February 9, 2008

Typical Day at the Curtis Residence

(top to bottom: sketch of barbecue grill, barbecue grill open, barbecue closed)

In my Freshman year of college (2004-2005), I had a 3d class. On the first day of that class, the instructor, Kevin
O'Callaghan, handed everyone in the class a mailbox (the kind that would be outside of a suburban home), and the assignment was: using the mailbox, describe how your family is, or how a neighbor of yours is.

Because my family cooks a lot, and we're always having gatherings at our house, I decided to make a barbecue grill out of the mailbox. Then I topped it off with a Corona bottle (I put super glue on it to make it look cold), and then I got some fake ice cubes from Canal Plastics. (For future references, you can find anything in New York's China Town)

[photographed by Tony Chang]

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