Friday, February 15, 2008

Interview (#1)

Today is the first/trial-run/pilot of my first interview. I interviewed a graduating fashion designer/styler who attends Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Thomas Wynder is very passionate about fashion and design, and this should be evident through his comments in this interview.

JC: So how long have I known you man? I know it's been a crazy amount of time.

TW: Uhhhh, since you were like 4 and I was 5; something like that.

JC: Yeah that's crazy. If you could describe your childhood in 5 words what would they be?

TW: “Fortunate”, “Privileged” (either of those), “Challenging”, “Educational” (That's whack I know), “Non-conventional”, and.....”Mine”. Yeah... we'll go with those.

JC: If you could describe your life now in 5 words what would they be?

TW: Hmmmm. These are hard ass questions. I'm sticking with “Privileged”. Hmmm, “Crazy”. Hmmmm, Damn, I'm likely over-thinking this; “Fantastic”, “Blessed” and still “Challenging”

JC: Ok, good. I was about to have you just list 3 if it was that hard to answer. Alright so this screen name (SartoriallySavvy) that you have, how did you come up with that?

TW: Ummmm. Well, it has to do with my interest in fashion and that I've always been called stylish and best dressed and things of that nature, and how all my friends always ask me for fashion and style advice... hence the alliteration, "SartoriallySavvy".

JC: It’s always funny seeing what people's screen names are. I've heard some pretty regular stuff, to some wild stuff. My brother's (Bilal) screen name is "woodlayer", which is hilarious cuz he came up with that when he was like 12 or somethin.

TW: Ummmm. Tell Bilal I said, he's not grown.

JC: Haha. So yeah man, out of everything else you could do, why fashion?

TW: You ever feel PULLED towards something? Like, it's in your blood? Something that's inherent to you, like, you're not even consciously aware of it, but, you just have this... connection...That's me and fashion.

JC: I know what you mean. Is that what you were interested in doing when you were a kid?

TW: Not at all. You know I wanted to go to law school until I was like 17.

JC: So do u know how to make clothes, do you design clothes...what do actually do when it comes to fashion?

TW: I can make clothes, I can design and sew but my expertise lies in my eye, I like to style, specifically, put things together for others and myself, styling photo shoots, pulling things that work best on different body types, the entire sartorial aesthetic.

JC: I assume you like project runway right? Why do you like it, and who do you think is the best designer on that show?

TW: I do like Project Runway, and I think Christian is the best designer. I like it because it shows the creative process, and shows the inner workings of those who are fashion minded, I like to see how different people, given the same set of rules and regulations express themselves.

JC: What's your favorite clothing brand?

TW: Ohhhh wow...hmmm. That's really hard. Gucci.

JC: Gucci, damn rich kid.

TW: Shut up.

JC: Haha, who's your favorite fashion designer?

TW: Tom Ford. Hands down. Bar none. His lines, his entire aesthetic is ridiculous.

JC: If you weren't in fashion what would you be doing?

TW: Trying to figure out what was missing in my life.

JC: Good answer. What is the biggest thing that people don't know about you?

TW: I'm an avid swimmer

JC: What one word would the people closest to you describe you with?

TW: Hmmmm, I'm cheating by asking my best friend who lives with me. “Loyal”.

JC: Ok, now 3 quick questions, and then the last question. These are preference questions…sidekick, blackberry or iphone?

TW: Blackberry.

JC: McDonalds, Wendy's, or Burger King?

TW: Wendy's.

JC: Corvette, Lamborghini, or Maserati?

TW: Lambo.

JC: …And if you could give advice to someone that's trying to get into the fashion business without saying "work hard" or "grind", what would it be?

TW: Develop your passion. Everyone can't be a designer. You might not be an excellent designer, but you know what looks good on me. Develop your areas of strength, turn it into something uniquely yours.

JC: Nice.

TW: Thanks.

JC: I appreciate it letting me interview you. Hope it didn’t waste your time.

TW: Not at all! I'm glad I could help.

(Next Week, Interview #2)

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