Monday, May 14, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, the retired 'Discovery' Space Shuttle flew over the west side of New York City. I work on the west side near the Intrepid, and most of my coworkers made their way to the rooftop to partake in this experience. And by "partake" I mean getting their iPhones in position to take a picture of it. I was amongst the iPhone picture crew, but I noticed for a split second that people weren't looking at the space shuttle fly by with their own eyes, but rather through the lenses of their phones.

I think we live in a generation where we're so eager to share (tweet, instagram, Facebook) our experiences, that we're not in the moment, truly enjoying those experiences. The objective seems to be: Look how cool I am. I've been trying to get better about setting down my phone and be more attentive to the people I'm with and the things that are around me.

I know we were all taught to share when we were kids, but how many of us would actually share our fruit snacks without being able to have a few for ourselves? Enjoy what's in front of you.


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