Sunday, July 25, 2010

Interview Magzine's Jay-Z interview

I hope that wasn't confusing. Anyhow, this was a good interview with Jay-Z. I'm sure you think you've read, seen, and heard everything there is to know about him, but being someone who thinks that too, I walked away with something new.

This is a snippet from the interview, in reference to Blueprint 3:

Well, what I was trying to do with this album—which is the same thing I was trying to do on Kingdom Come [2006]—is go somewhere that hadn’t been gone before, to try to chart a new territory in rap. The reason I’ve been grounded, though, and able to make albums, is because I’ve allowed my friends to come with me and voice an opinion. That’s who keeps you grounded—the people who have known you longest. People who don’t know you, you don’t know their motives. They smile at you all day, “Oh, that’s great. You’ve done it again! You’re the greatest!” And that’s not good for an artist. You’ve gotta keep the people that have been around you, who saw you when you didn’t have anything, so they have the confidence to say, “Get out of here. That shit is bullshit!” I welcome that.

Here's the interview.

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