Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 24th Year

So, Sunday marked the 24th year of my existence. In layman's terms, it was my birthday. I had a ball in Miami with my friends and my brothers (one of them being my twin); and I also cracked my iPhone screen down there, which killed me. I had to walk around with this cheap $30 Nokia phone, until I could get it fixed. Luckily I knew the person who could get it done... Brendan was referred to me by one of my coworkers and after my visit to him yesterday, my screen looked flawless. It was quick and affordable too. This isn't just a plug for him; but this is a vital contact for anyone who loves the iPhone like I do.

Also when I returned to NY, I was presented with a great gift from my girlfriend: this cool book and also a gift certificate for a class at Makeville Studio.

24. So far, so good. Let's keep it rollin'.

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