Friday, March 13, 2009

10 things I've learned about consumer advertising so far

I've now been working at TBWA/C/D for 2 months now and here are some things that I've learned so far:

1. There is a slight possibility that 1 good idea will come out of a list of 20 ideas
2. "Awesome" is the word of choice for expressing something great
3. Leaving work at 11pm isn't uncommon
4. Moving an object .00000001 inches to the left makes a huge difference
5. Weekend?
6. You quickly become fluent in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Italian, and Indian, from ordering takeout so often
7. Technology for human cloning couldn't come any sooner
8. You spend more time with your partner (art director or copywriter) than with your significant other
9. Waking up at 7:30am isn't so bad when you love what you do
10. You get to ride a nice yellow car home when you work late


Sartorially Savvy said...

C'est la vie when you do what you love.

Francisco blogs here said...


How about a list of 35 things?

Maybe a book? We can publish it on Lulu, and sell it to kids still in school.

Think about it. I'd like a 10% cut. =D

Kamau said...

Thats a lot of languages. How do you say spicy tuna roll in japanese?