Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look...not there, but there.

In church on Sunday, my pastor said when he was learning how to ride a motorcycle, he needed to learn how to protect himself from other drivers. So in the class he was taking, there was a car parked on the street (set up by the teacher) and the instructor told him to get on the bike and ride towards the car, and at the last second before you hit the car, look towards a safe place and turn to go that way. So my pastor got on the bike, rode towards the car, and at the last second he began to turn, but his eyes were still on the car; so the bike was wobbling and he almost ran right into it. When he came back to the instructor, he told him, "You almost did it right, but you didn't look to where you wanted to go, you were looking at where you didn't want to go." My pastor got on the bike and tried it again, and sure enough when he looked to where he wanted to go, all his energy went there, and he was able to avoid the parked car.

When you're focused on where you don't want to be, your energy stays there.
You have to look to where you want to be, and your energy will follow.


Olin said...
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Olin said...

I needed to hear that... or read that.