Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Interview #6

This is #6 of my interview series. This may be one of the silliest "interviews" that I've done. I try to do something different with everyone, so with this one, I did it in a fill-in-the-blank style. I went to high school with Rosco, and since then she seemed to always be into fashion, and being silly, just because. Anyhow, she'll tell you more about herself in this interview; enjoy. (The words in blue are the questions, and of course the words in black are her answers.)

My name is
Rosco Spears, and I'm an ill-advised nonconformist. Currently I'm mastering the criminal justice field (working toward my master’s degree..duh..hype me). Don’t ever wonder what I’m going to do with my degrees because I have no idea. Get off my back; but 5 years ago, when I was in high school, I thought I would be either a drug dealer or working in the psychology career field. If I wasn't in school right now, I probably would be in NY living that life...you know...THAT life. The biggest influence in my life has been my mom. She’s pretty much the man with the master plan and she holds the keys to lots of cities. iHeart her..she’s the bomb..the thing is..I’m light weight easily influenced...(in a good way, of course).

This is kind of corny, but seeing artwork, hearing music, looking in magazines...all that shit influences me to do cool things with my life. Also, movies like Super Bad, Step-Brothers and Juno have been very influential in my life…kind of molded me into the woman I am today; Michael Jackson definitely hasn’t been influential in my life. Maybe one of the biggest misconceptions people have about me is the weird idea that my life has always been as good as it is right now…I think I’ve gotten punk’d in my past and lived the life of a soap opera actress.But yeah; that may be because I hold shit in a lot...because I’m pretty cool..maybe. Or maybe just because I was afraid of being judged..but whatev. However, one thing people don't know about me is I def don’t look like what I’ve been through.

I have a blog called: IllAdvisedNonConformist.blogspot.com (that i share with me...aka Lia Day). It's about FASHION, art/literature, music, and absolute complete randomness. To me, the definition of "fashion" is: do what the hell you want to do!!! I freaking hate trends...like...a lot. My best thing in life is going in my closet and grabbing random pieces to throw on...those are always my best fits. Hands down. iHeart mismatching. It makes me very happy. I think it makes the world go around. (as you can see..I don’t quite have a definition...just lots of thoughts).

Sneakers make me very happy...like a lot...as well. My favs are blazers because I think they’re kind of ugly and I love grandpa cardi’s with a lot of my heart. By the way...never underestimate the power of a good thrift shop or goodwill. I guarantee you’ll be the only person wearing whatev you buy. Like seriously. That’s practically the only way I live my life nowadays. iHeart premium denim so that’ll never change..but who can beat a dope ass sweater that’s $3.29..are you nuts? Oh yeah..with that being said..let me mention…be yourself. Besides tattoos..fashion is the absolute best way to express your individuality. If you’re trying somebody else’s style out..people will acknowledge you as a big fat fraudulent phony..style comes from within. Do you..not other people. That’s irritating. I think I just got pissed.

Fashion/style is 76.4% of my life (we’re going to leave family and all that kind of important stuff out of the equation for now) and everything else..I think is the other 23.6% of my life. My favorite designer might be myself because I’m pretty dope they say. Ok wait..really? I couldn’t dare pick one designer to coin as my best...that’d be insane. Jeremy Scott is an alien...google him...and Anna Sui is the man too (she’s from the burbs of Detroit...google her too). Well...wait. Are you crazy for asking me this question Mr. Curtis? Because I think you are. You’re a crazy man. Crazy man you are.

When I grow up I want to be co-owner of a magazine entitled Ill-advised Nonconformist...duh. I’d also like to be a major fashion stylist. I can’t wait for rich people to make me rich for going shopping for them.. perhaps own my own clothing line..well the thing is..i want to do a lot. Like a whole lot. Sometimes I’m an artist (check out my work if you’re in the grand rapids area at Sanctuary Folk Art (Division and Fulton...google it) so I’d def love to put more time into that and make big bucks off it. And umm...yeah. I’d love to be a professional traveler too..I think that’d be waaay dope. I want to have a private jet for some reason instead of a car, and house in New York (I’m not going to get to naming different cities and countries...that’d be crazy..hopefully I’ll have enough big bucks to do my thing all over the world though). If I could give someone advice about being successful, beyond "grindin" or "working hard" it would be: well the thing is..i am in no position to be giving any adult advice. What does I have any idea being having no advice for? I was wondering if somebody could offer me some…or no? After I’m successful...I’ll let you guys know mass tips. For real. I promise.

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Sartorially Savvy said...

Excellent read Mr. Curtis and Ms. Spears... A woman after my own heart...