Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Digital Age

Yesterday one of my friends was speaking to his younger cousin on iChat and he typed, "hey whats up", and she replied. "nmjc hbu?". When he showed me her IM, I laughed because I knew exactly what she was saying, but also thought how crazy it is that kids at 13 years old are much different than me and my friends at 13. We had AOL Instant Messenger, but we didn't have cell phones and we weren't doing texting; and when we did IM one another, we were actually speaking in real words, not 7-letter acronyms. It's wild how times change, but I hope this txting dsnt evolve n2 a 4real lang.


Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS... I try desperately to keep REAL language alive in my text/IM conversations... I guess that makes me pseudo old-school.

aaron said...

thats real - aro