Monday, November 2, 2009 promised

Lately, I've been looking and listening to the same things, and as I was listening to this N.E.R.D. interview, I thought to myself, "It's time to turn it up." Yeah they're are gonna still be things on here from creativity, swiss-miss, fubiz, and of course stuff from wieden and kennedy, but my intake of information, music, artwork, and the like is going to definitely expand. I'm excited about this, and I hope, if I haven't already, I can give you some goosebumps and inspire you.

For starters, here's the N.E.R.D. interview I was speaking about (you can check out all 4 parts, but I'm only posting this one)..They spoke about their upcoming album Instant Gratification, Rhea (the new addition to the group), and briefly about Pharrell's movie-scoring project with Hans Zimmer on Despicable Me.

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