Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twitter, and Facebook, and iPhone....Why?

Today it was pretty hot in New York, and I figured it was a good time to go to Baskin Robbins and get some ice cream (my favorite is vanilla on a waffle cone, just in case you're ever in need of buying me ice cream). I looked up the closest location to me, and at the bottom of the website's page I saw something that made me laugh and cringe at the same time. It was 2 links: 1, to take you to Baskin Robbins facebook page, and 2, a link to follow Baskin Robbins on twitter. Who the hell wants to follow what Baskin Robbins is doing on a hourly basis? Maybe I'm mistaken, but this doesn't seem right. A lot of companies are buying into the hype of twitter, facebook, and iphone applications, and every brand doesn't belong in those environments. If anyone would follow Baskin Robbins twitter log, please comment on this post and let me know why.

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Me. said...

i'm rosco spears and i approve this message.