Monday, November 10, 2008

Do You Like Music?

Awhile ago I was having a conversation with someone about sports, and how I found it ridiculous that some people don't like sports; I wasn't saying that a person needs to like a sport in particular, like my love for baseball, but I just thought that you have to like at least one...even if it's a playground sport like kickball or four-square. Later I compared it to someone not liking music (I know that may be a stretch). But I thought about it...there are a lot of things that people can dislike or have no interest in: math, science, sports, blogging, scotch tape, etc; however there are a few things that I think everyone likes: food and music. Now food may be a given, just because it satisfies a necessity, but what about music? Why is it that everyone likes music?

Today in church, my pastor was speaking about how people can all be on the same accord (some may explain it as "something in the air") when there are major issues or circumstances that take place; for example: the current state of the economy. He then gave this example: if you have a piano on the right side of a stage, and another piano on the left side of the stage, and you strike a key on the left piano...the same string that's vibrating from the left piano will vibrate on the right piano. It's almost as if the piano on the right is in need to be played. It led me to believe that people work the same way. When musicians play music, there must be a respective string in all of us that vibrates. And maybe our way of expressing what we felt is to simply tap our feet, clap our hands, snap our fingers, or rock our heads.

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